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Boeing 737 ER

Extended Range Version | ETOPS

BRITISHJET operates 2 variants of the Boeing 737-700 NG, a short-haul version featuring an all economy cabin & an Extended Range version with ETOPS certification and a 2 class cabin.

The Boeing 737-700 is extremely versatile and delivers incredible performance, allowing the aircraft to operate from short runways, hot-high airports and fly short, medium and longer sectors.

Bother versions of our Boeing 737-700 are installed with the latest technology scimitar winglets - these distinctive fins on the end of each wing help reduce drag, disturbance and improve lift - reducing fuel burn and increasing endurance.

Our Boeing 737-700 features the JETFLIX Media hub, you can stream hours of tv programs, movies & music directly to your smartphone or tablet on a pay per view basis. Download the app before you fly to enjoy the service.

extended range version

We have 4 Boeing 737-700 ER aircraft in our fleet, these differ from the rest of our 737 fleet as they have additional fuel tanks, a stronger main gear system, life rafts and other weight saving / performance enhancing initiatives. This enables our Boeing 737-700 ER to fly up to 5,000 nautical miles non stop with 126 passengers. These 4 aircraft are also ETOPS certified for long oceanic crossings.


Because of its performance we fly the Boeing 737-700 ER on specific niche routes, currently 1 aircraft is operated from our base in Dublin on services to the USA and it also operates weekly from Belfast International also on services to the USA. The rest of the fleet is based at London Stansted and from here we operate the worlds longest Boeing 737-700 flight between the UK & Saint Helena twice a week. Check out the Routes & Times section of the website to see where you can fly our Boeing 737-700 ER to.

All of our Boeing 737-700 aircraft have mood lighting installed to complement outside light conditions

Technical Information


CAPACITY:  12M / 114Y

CREW: 2 Pilots & 3 Cabin Crew

ENGINES: 2 x CFM 56-7B26

RANGE: 5000 Nautical Miles



Cabin Pictures

seat map

cabin features

  • 1 premier class washroom / 2 economy class

  • 2 galleys

  • premier class cabin - rows 1 to 3

  • extra space seats row 4 & 10

  • flight information displays

  • jetflix media hub

  • 2 etops life rafts