More space for less than you think, Premium Economy is now available on our Airbus A380 & Boeing 737 ETOPS fleet. If you are not travelling on a service operated by these aircraft, you can still pre-book seats with extra space on most aircraft.


on the Airbus A380

Settle into your spacious seat in an exclusive cabin on the main deck & enjoy other extras to make those long journeys even more comfortable. 


Whats included

We invite our Eco+ Passengers to pre- board and settle into our large Premium Economy seats, situated in a separate cabin located at the front of the main deck.

Prior to take off you can enjoy a complementary glass of sparkling wine, orange juice or water.

These deeply reclining seats offer up to 39" of seat pitch and are 30% wider than our Main Economy cabin seats. A comfort & amenity kit is included in the Eco+ package, as well as the full entertainment package - so you can unleash hours of entertainment from your large personal HD screen. 


inflight service

During the flight, our cabin crew will offer you a wide range of alcoholic drinks & snacks - available to purchase from our skybar. Eco+ Passengers enjoy complementary soft & hot drinks. We endeavor to offer at least 2 bar services on your flight. On flights over 6 hours, we serve a complementary hot meal followed by a choice of tea or coffee. On flights over 7 hours, a further snack is offered such as afternoon tea.

You can also purchase a range of tax free or travel industry discounted goods on board your flight  - GBAIR does not sell tobacco products. Airbus A380 aircraft feature a shop, bar & lounge on the upper deck, its the perfect opportunity for you to stretch your legs and purchase refreshments or gifts.


ON THE boeing 737 etops

The newly introduced Boeing 737 fleet features 4 rows of ECO+ seating, 3 at the front of the cabin and a row located at the over-wing exits. Restrictions apply at the over-wing exit seats. All ECO+ seats on the Boeing 737 offer at least 34" of pitch.

You will be invited to board the aircraft first so you can stow hand luggage with ease and settle into your extra roomy seats!

Economy+plus on the Boeing 737 fleet is an extra space only product as the aircraft operates shorter flights than the A380. On board you can still enjoy great service and purchase a wide range of refreshments.


luggage information

All Eco+ tickets include a 10kg hand luggage allowance, you can also check in a hold bag for a fee. If you are travelling onwards on another GBAIR flight - a capped baggage fee will apply.

See the conditions & fees section below.

ticket types, fees & conditions