introducing the new Boeing 737 MAX

From October 2017, we will start to introduce our new Boeing 737 MAX fleet onto services at GBAIR. A total of 23 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will join us in the 12 months that follow. Together with the Boeing 737-700 aircraft we have already introduced - this new aircraft will replace all remaining Boeing 757 routes, Airbus A319 routes and finally our A321 routes.


when can i fly the max?

A brand new winglet design - reduces drag and saves more fuel than any previous model

You will be able to fly on the Boeing 737 MAX from October 2nd on selected services from Edinburgh, Newcastle & Belfast International.

From October 9th you can also enjoy the MAX on our flights from London Luton.

We will then be adding between 2 and 4 new MAX aircraft to the network every month from November onward.



brilliance perfected

The Boeing 737 MAX is derived from the original Boeing 737, the most successful single aisle jet Boeing has ever produced.

In this latest family of models - the aircraft features lighter composite materials, an enhanced wing, a new undercarriage design, brand new engine technology, a longer fuselage and other aerodynamic improvements. It will be able to fly more passengers, further and more economically than ever!

The new state of the art CFM LEAP engine is powerful and efficient as well as environmentally friendly



GBAIR set out a goal to simplify it's narrow-body aircraft fleet by 2019 with an aircraft that could operate long flights from regional airports, ETOPS North Atlantic routes and also operate short flights economically when required. It would need to carry more passengers than our Boeing 757 can to improve yields and be suitable across 70% of our network. We wanted to achieve a narrow-body fleet of one family type that can deliver all this and operate at much lower costs. The answer was the Boeing 737 Family - and since the end of 2016 we have introduced the Boeing 737-700 and soon the brand new Boeing 737 MAX will be joining us. By the end of 2018, we will have one family of aircraft that can be operated by the same flight crew's across 70% of our network!

One aircraft family that will reshape our operation and allow us to be fully flexible across short, medium and low density long haul routes


a closer look at the max



Slip into our new Economy Style seats, ergonomically designed with comfort your comfort in mind.

The Economy Cabin will feature 144 seats offering 30" pitch - some will offer even more.


A more spacious cabin and higher payload allows us to deliver a better business class experience. GBAIR will be one of the only operators to offer a fully lie flat bed seat on the Boeing 737 MAX.

Sky Screen

All of our Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will feature HD seat back screens with flight information and electronic Sky Bistro - at seat order. For an additional fee you can enjoy hours of Television, Movies, Music & Games too. Business Class passengers enjoy the full Sky Screen content as standard.

Sky Interior

A colour for every mood - the award winning Sky Interior features state of the art LED Mood lighting to help you relax and complement outside light conditions. Our Boeing 737 MAX will also feature the latest SPACE bins to accommodate more hand luggage and make sure foot space remains clear.

the seat map

Our first Boeing 737 MAX deliveries will feature 20 Business class seats and 144 Economy class seats, offering more capacity in both classes that the outgoing Boeing 757 and our Boeing 737-700 fleet. With a full load of 164 passengers the MAX will be capable of flying 3,515 Nautical Miles.

Boeing 737-8 MAX

ETOPS seat plan

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