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Flights operated on the Embraer 145 jet

one - is a wholly owned subsidiary of GBAIR, it operates its own network independently as well as flying routes on behalf of GBAIR under the 'GB' flight code.

You can find more information about oneregional on its own website - the link is provided at the bottom of this page. Technical information about the Embraer regional jets operated on behalf of GBAIR can be found below.

Some of the regional jets fly in the GBAIR livery!

embraer regional jet

The Brazilian built ERJ series is the worlds best selling regional jet product, first introduced in 1997 and still in production today - there are over a thousand  in service across the world.

All Embraer regional jets feature a comfortable business jet like cabin with leather seats. They also have a washroom and a galley facility.

one operates two versions of the ERJ, the larger ERJ 145 is usually used on GBAIR services.

e145 - embraer 145

ONE regional Embraer 145 - in GBAIR livery

technical information

Crew: 2 Pilots & 1 Cabin Crew

Capacity: 50

Number in fleet: 14

Engines: X2 Rolls Royce AE 3007-A1P

Length: 28.45m

Wingspan: 20.4m

Cruise Speed: 515mph

Range: 1,550 Nautical Miles

Service Ceiling: 37,000ft

seat map - e145

Embraer 145 - 50 Seats

Seats 1A, 3B & C and all of row 12 - have extra leg room

Aircraft has seat rows 1 to 19 - average seat pitch is 30"

you can find out more information about our subsidiary on its own website at