Click the link button to view the timetables of all GBAIR bases / destinations and flights operated with a GB or GU flight number. Flights operated on behalf of GBAIR by One Regional Airlines are also shown in these timetables.

For the One Regional network of independant flights operating under the RN fight code - please visit the website

Understanding the timetables


browsing the timetable databases 

Our database format timetables make it easy for you to browse & search, press CTRL + F to open the quick search window - then you can search by time, flight number and airport code. Please be aware that all timetables are published in UTC (Zulu/GMT) - we never publish mainline GBAIR timetables using local time.

Our timetables are sorted by GBAIR hub/departure station and in order of departure time. On the left of the timetable you can see the outbound service from the airport you are viewing and on the right side you can see when the flight returns or where the aircraft came from previously (if the aircraft is not based locally). 

You can also click the aircraft type for more information such as seat maps and technical details.

We have two timetable seasons - Winter & Summer, the timetable season changes occur in concert with the Spring & Autumn clock changes in the UK.


Zulu / UTC time explained

International carriers work under the Zulu time rule. This is an internationally used aviation time format which avoids confusion between time zones when planning departures, arrivals and receiving slot restrictions. During the winter months, the United Kingdom (our home base) is aligned with Zulu time - in the Summer however, the UK local time moves 1 hour ahead. Regardless of the season, all of our timetables are published in Zulu.