UK domestic flights

Domestic shuttle services to our London Gatwick hub are operated by our wholly owned subsidiary - one "the regional airline". These flights are operated on Embraer 145 regional jets, the flight will still have a GB flight number designation and some of the aircraft are even painted in the GBAIR livery.

one is currently operating the following UK domestic feeder services to London Gatwick on behalf of GBAIR:

Edinburgh | Glasgow | Newcastle | Leeds | Manchester | Belfast City


travel class options

On these very short flights, an economy only cabin seat & service is available. You can still book Business class tickets - to enjoy additional benefits such as lounge access at participating airports, a hold luggage allowance & more flexibility. 

Extra space seats can be pre-booked for a fee, restrictions apply on extra space seats located adjacent to an emergency exit.

EMBRAER 145 regional jet

Embraer Regional Jet Cabin

one - operates a large fleet of Embraer regional jets, one of the largest operators of the type in Europe.

They are fast and efficient with a popular cabin layout that puts passengers no more than one seat away from a window or aisle.

They also feature individual seats on the left side of the cabin offering even more personal space. 

You can find out more about our regional subsidary on the airlines own website. Please note that the shuttle services operated by one for GBAIR are published in the main GBAIR timetables on this website.

Hand Luggage policy on the Embraer regional jet

We can not accommodate large bags and trolley cases in the cabin on this aircraft type - As you board the aircraft, large cabin baggage items will be taken from you and placed in the hold.

On arrival, you will be reunited with your bag at the aircraft steps subject to local procedures - or the bags will be sent to the baggage reclaim.

Please remove small items that you need during the flight from your bag as you can not access it from the cabin. Please ensure travel documents such as passports and any medication are taken into the cabin with you.

DO NOT leave laptop computers or other devices containing lithium battery cells in any bags going into the hold. They may get damaged and also pose a serious fire risk.

the service on board

During the flight, our cabin crew will offer you a wide range of drinks & snacks - available to purchase. On flights scheduled to take less than 1 hour - we offer a menu with a smaller range of products due to the short duration of the flight. 

See the 'Sky Bistro' page for more details.


luggage information

All tickets include a 10kg hand luggage allowance, if you are travelling on a Business class ticket - you can also carry a second piece of cabin baggage as well as check in up to 2 hold luggage items - with a total weight of 40kg. Items that can not fit in overhead compartments will be placed in the hold.

Passengers with an economy class ticket can also check in a hold bag for a fee, if you are travelling onwards on another GBAIR flight - a capped baggage fee will apply.


See the conditions & fees section below.

ticket types, fees & conditions