pay as you go entertainment at your fingertips

Enjoy an amazing selection of Television, Movies, Games & Music on your own personal seat back touch screen or your own smartphone or tablet device.

JETFLIX is our award winning in-flight entertainment product - available to enjoy on selected aircraft types.

Content is renewed up to 4 times a year with the latest blockbusters and TV hits & more classics added to our back-catalog every 3 months!

On our Boeing 787 Dreamliner & Airbus A380 aircraft you can also order drinks & snacks using JETFLIX with a Credit or Debit Card.

Enjoy your favorite TV box sets and the biggest shows out there at the moment, with up to date Seasons of Epic Series such as Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, Stranger Things & Making a Murderer 1 & 2. We have amazing content with original series from both Netflix & Amazon Prime.

How to tune in!

JETFLIX can be enjoyed on seat back personal touch screens or on your own device depending on what aircraft your are flying on. On our aircraft with seat back/personal screens you can start enjoying entertainment shortly after the safety briefing.

If you are flying on an aircraft that does not have personal screens, you need to download the JETFLIX APP for Android & Apple and use your devices WIFI service when invited to do so. Be sure to download the APP on the ground, why not download and install today so you don’t forget!

jetflix media hub

The JETFLIX Media Hub is installed on selected aircraft that do not feature personal screens, this smart media database is switched on shortly after take-off and you can then use a personal smartphone or tablet device to log on to the service and start enjoying content.

my flight

Here is the service you can enjoy according to aircraft type:


If you are travelling on the below aircraft you will need to download the APP before you fly to enjoy our content.

  • Boeing 737-700

  • Boeing 737-700 ER


If you are travelling on the below aircraft you do not need to download the APP, JETFLIX is installed and ready to enjoy on the HD screen in your seat area.

  • Boeing 737-MAX 8

  • Boeing 787

  • Airbus A380

You can check which aircraft type is scheduled to operate your flight by looking in the timetable section.

pay as you go

Only pay for what you watch & there is no need to pre-pay for use of the app on a personal device.

To begin, simply register a debit or credit card by following the instructions.

You can then start to view content, select pay by episode or look at our entertainment bundles for great value on longer flights. You can enjoy a tv episode for as little as £1 or watch the Lord of the Rings or Hobbit film trilogy series for £10!

JETFLIX is included in the ticket cost for passengers travelling in Premier Class or Business Class on the following aircraft:

  • Boeing 737-700 ER

  • Boeing 737-MAX 8

  • Boeing 787

  • Airbus A380

Premier class passengers on our Boeing 737-700 ER will be given a HD tablet to enjoy JETFLIX content on.

JETFLIX is included in the ticket cost for passengers travelling in Premier Class on the Airbus A380 & Boeing 737-700 ER.

feeling thirsty?


On our Boeing 787 Dreamliner & Airbus A380 - you can use JETFLIX to order drinks & snacks from the on board bar. We have designed this service to help you stay refreshed between bar services in the cabin & to avoid you disturbing others by trying to get to a galley.

When you have registered your credit or debit card the Sky Bar option will be available to you, this feature can be used only on the at seat screens installed on our Boeing 787 or Airbus A380 aircraft and not via the APP on a smartphone or tablet.

The Sky Bar at seat service will be switched on between cabin bar services and when there are adequate crew free of other on board duties to carry out the service. It will be switched off and show unavailable when a cabin bar service from the trolley is underway, a meal service is taking place or whenever the fasten set belt sign is switched on.

The full beverage & snack menu is available to view via the Sky Bar service feature.

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