BRITISHJET, is one of the Worlds most realistic virtual airlines.

Now celebrating 6 years in the air!

A virtual airline is a hobby enhancement group & organisation, in place to add an additional element of realism to those using Flight Simulator Software at home. We have a branded fleet of varied aircraft and a comprehensive route network, but most of all we pride ourselves on presenting a virtual airline that is as near to the real thing as possible.

BRITISHJET is managed by aviation industry professionals to help us achieve this with contributions from airline crew, flight instructors & product developers.

That's why apart from this short introduction, you will notice every other part of the website is designed to give you the impression we are a real carrier. 

Our attention to detail sets us apart, from our brand down to our network of routes. Immerse yourself in a world so realistic you might just forget it's virtual.

We hope you enjoy your flight with us & that this is just the first of many to come!