A First Class Virtual Airline - needs First Class People!

Join the worlds most realistic Virtual carrier and make flying fun again.


why gbair?

  • Ultra Realistic Website
  • Sensible Fleet & Route Network
  • Flexibility - Life can be hectic so there are no minimum flying quotas
  • Fly any aircraft from our fleet you want - you are not fixed to one type!
  • Exclusive - Members Area with flight tools & downloads
  • Free - Free to join and our fleet features freeware aircraft with FS9/FSX Compatibility


You need to have previous Flight Simulator experience to join GBAIR, we are now recruiting pilots for all bases. Fill out the simple application form below & we will be in touch!


mixed fleet

Our Mixed Fleet membership offers you a varied fleet & a growing worldwide network of over 95 destinations. Fly short routes on regional jets or ultra long haul flights on our A380. You can fly whichever aircraft you want, whenever you want - change from one day to the next.

Don't worry if your having a busy month and can't fly - because we have no quotas! It doesn't matter if you log 1 flight a year!

Your membership includes access to our Crew Lounge with flight tools, live flight log database & much more!

Our fleet includes the Embraer regional jet, Airbus A318 & A321, Boeing 757, Boeing 737, Boeing 787 & Airbus A380 - offering lots of variation! If you prefer to fly just one type, that's fine too!

We hope you join us in the sky, simply fill out the simple application below and we will be in touch soon!



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