SKY bistro


We teamed up with PRET to bring you a superb buy-on-board catering concept.

A wide choice of hot n' cold food & snacks as well as delicious Organic Coffee & Tea infusions and 100% fruit juices. 

Our range is fresh, exciting and full of natural sustainable ingredients with more healthy options than ever before!

As well as our PRET range we still continue to offer popular snacks and branded drinks.

Complementary meals feature seasonal changing menus and will be served on all flights over 6 hours.

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GBAIR offers a drink & snack service on all flights.

The range of products available onboard will differ depending on the duration of the flight and aircraft type used.

You will find the menu relevant to your flight on this page.

Payment can be made with Credit or Debit Card or GBP£-Sterling.

Other currency is accepted but it in note form only and will be subject to the current company conversion rate.

There is no charge for using credit or debit card.



If you are travelling on a GBAIR Business class ticket, we will always offer you a complementary drinks service along with selected snacks. On flights planned to take more than 1 hour a meal service is also provided subject to aircraft type. Once onboard, the crew will provide you with the food & beverage choice for that flight.

On flights planned to take 6 hours or more, passengers in ECO+380 and Economy will receive a complementary meal followed by tea & coffee. You will still have the opportunity to purchase further drinks and snacks throughout the flight & on flights that last more than 10 hours - an additional complementary snack is served.

important notice

From October 29th 2017 we will become an electronic payment only carrier.

This means that to purchase any refreshments, upgrades, extras or duty free goods during the flight you can not use any type of cash or currency.

From this date we will only accept payment by major credit or debit card as well as the most popular touch-pay services on smartphones. 

electronic pay.jpg

quick bites' on short flights!

On flights scheduled to take 1 hour or less in duration and on all flights operated by our partner oneregional - there is not enough time to offer our entire catering range. 

On these flights we have an adjusted menu that reflects the most popular choices and changes depending on the time of day. This helps ensure all customers have the opportunity to purchase suitable drinks and snacks on board.


The complete PRET onboard range

Below is the complete PRET buy-on-board range - we stock items depending on the duration of the flight and time of day or time zones transitioned, you will find more details further down on this page. You can find the latest prices onboard and on our Boeing 787, 737 MAX and Airbus A380 you can order using the seat back screen, pay using debit or credit card and then just relax and wait for your order to be brought to you!

the PUB

Feeling thirsty? You can purchase a wide selection of refreshing beverages on your flight with popular branded soft drinks, spirits, beers & wines - in addition to the PRET drinks selection also offered. Our flying PUB also stocks sweet treats and savory snacks.

what will I be able to enjoy on my flight?

If you are not travelling on one of our shorter routes as stipulated above, you can enjoy an enhanced catering experience with even more products available to buy. The products stocked will vary depending on the time of day, destination, time zone transition and expected arrival time (local).


If your GBAIR flight is departing the UK between 0600 and 1000 - you will find all of our PRET breakfast range onboard and available to enjoy. If you are joining our aircraft down-route to fly back to the UK from morning to early noon then breakfast items may still be available. On intercontinental services arriving in the UK or down-route during the morning, a complementary breakfast is usually offered and so we do not stock the PRET breakfast range.


On all flights departing the UK after 10:00 and all intercontinental services, the full PRET range will be onboard for you to enjoy between any complementary meal services and as you transition time zones. If your flight is scheduled to take more than 8 hours there will be a complementary second snack prior to arrival. On flights under 8 hours you will be able to purchase some of the fantastic PRET range on offer to keep you satisfied during the flight.


On flights between 1 to 6 hours we will aim to offer as much of the PRET all day range as possible, due to smaller aircraft and limited space we can only carry a limited number of each item - and apologize in advance if your choice is not available. We now offer a pre-book service on selected routes so you can ensure exactly what you want to eat is loaded on the aircraft!

Meal time!

On flights planned to take 2 hours or more our business class passengers enjoy a complementary meal* and on flights of 6 or more hours in duration, passengers in ECO+380 and Economy can also tuck in to a complementary meal.

The meal will be served based on the time of day upon departure, the duration of the flight and the local time at the arrival destination.

On routes that are 10 or more hours in duration a second 'light snack' is offered free of charge.

The order of the snack and meal service is subject to the crew discretion with buy-on-board services offered before/between & after the complementary meal.


Business class dining

Passengers traveling in the Business Class Cabin can enjoy fine dining with weekly changing menus -  on all flights planned at 2 hours or more - on aircraft with a Business Class Cabin*.

The Menu choice for your flight will be sent to you prior to travel and your dish choice must be pre-booked or a choice will not be offered on-board.

Service order is planned around the duration of the flight and the time of day but on our long haul flights the crew can prepare meals at a time which you specify. Due to cabin safety preparation the crew can not prepare any further meals if there is less than 60 minutes before landing.

Business Class dining is served on fine white china with crisp linen, hand blown British Glassware & designer Titanium-x cutlery.


Business class meals are only offered on flights planned to take 2 hours or more and only on aircraft configured with a Business Class cabin. These aircraft are 737 ETOPS~, 737 MAX, A321 Envoy Class, Boeing 757, Boeing 787 & Airbus A380.
There is no onboard catering product associated with a Business class ticket on short haul services and flights operated on Embraer regional jets, Boeing 737-700 & Airbus A321 All Economy Configuration aircraft. Business class passengers are invited to use the lounge facilities at participating airports.
~ Business Class seats & service will be available on the Boeing 737-700 ETOPS version aircraft from October 2017.


Special meal requirements

A pre-order / menu choice is not available in Economy or ECO+380 class - with the exception of those passengers requiring a special meal for dietary/medical reasons.

Vegetarian meals must be pre-booked, otherwise we can not guarantee a vegetarian option will be available on your flight.

See section (E) of our Terms & Conditions of Carriage for more information and contact the Customer Welfare team to make any requests.

Children's meals are automatically allocated to passengers aged 12 or under - provided the flight is not booked less than 24 hours prior to departure time. A meal/food provision is not provided for infants (0-2 yrs) - but we do offer facilities on board to warm baby food and milk.


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