A wide choice of hot n' cold food & snacks as well as delicious Organic Coffee & Tea infusions and 100% fruit juices, soft drinks & alcoholic beverages are available to enjoy on your flight.

Our range is fresh, exciting and full of natural sustainable ingredients with more healthy options than ever before. Payment can be made using all major Credit & Debit cards - or Google & Apple Pay.

Complementary meals feature seasonal changing menus and will be served on all flights over 8 hours in duration in all classes. You can now also pre-order a hot meal for flights under 8 hours*


We offer a drink & snack service on all flights.

The range of products available on board will differ depending on the duration of the flight and aircraft type used.

You will find the menu relevant to your flight on this page.

Payment can be made with Credit or Debit Card only - we no longer accept any cash/currency. You can also use Google or Apple Pay.

There is no charge for using a Credit Card.



If you are travelling on a BRITISHJET Intercontinental Business class ticket, we will always offer you a complementary drinks service along with selected snacks. On flights planned to take more than 2 hours a meal service is also provided subject to aircraft type. Once on board, the crew will provide you with the food & beverage choice for that flight.

On flights planned to take 8 hours or more, passengers in Economy & Premier Class will receive a complementary meal followed by tea & coffee. You will still have the opportunity to purchase further drinks and snacks throughout the flight & on flights that last more than 10 hours - an additional complementary snack is served.

Electronic payment only

From October 29th 2017 we became an electronic payment only carrier.

This means that to purchase any refreshments, upgrades, extras or duty free goods during the flight you can not use any type of cash or currency.

We only accept payment by major credit or debit card as well as the most popular touch-pay services on smartphones. 

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food menus

We are in the process of updating our snack & meal offering so please check back soon to view the new menus. You can still see our Bar menu below.

feeling thirsty?

You can purchase a wide selection of refreshing beverages on your flight with popular branded soft drinks, spirits, beers & wines. Our Bar trolley also stocks sweet treats and savory snacks.

Meal time!

On flights planned to take 2 hours or more our Intercontinental Business class passengers enjoy a complementary meal and on flights of 8 or more hours in duration, passengers in Economy & Premier Class can also enjoy a complementary meal.

The meal will be served based on the time of day upon departure, the duration of the flight and the local time at the arrival destination.

On routes that are 10 or more hours in duration a second 'light snack' is offered free of charge.

The order of the snack and meal service is subject to the crew discretion with buy-on-board services offered before/between & after the complementary meal.

Business class dining

Passengers traveling in the Business Class Cabin can enjoy fine dining with weekly changing menus -  on all flights planned at 2 hours or more - on aircraft with a Business Class Cabin (737-MAX ETOPS / 787 / A380). There is no meal service or on board catering offering associated with Short haul Business Class Flex tickets.

Service order is planned around the duration of the flight and the time of day but on our longer lights the crew can prepare meals at a time which you specify. Due to cabin safety preparation the crew can not prepare any further meals if there is less than 60 minutes before landing. Dine on demand is only available on the Boeing 787 & Airbus A380 due to galley space and crew compliment.

Business Class dining is served on fine white china with crisp linen, hand blown British Glassware & designer Titanium-x cutlery.

 Special meal requirements

A pre-order / menu choice is not available in Economy or Premier class - with the exception of those passengers requiring a special meal for dietary/medical reasons.

Vegetarian meals can & must be pre-booked, otherwise we can not guarantee a vegetarian option will be available on your flight.

See section (E) of our Terms & Conditions of Carriage for more information and contact the Customer Welfare team to make any requests.

Children's meals are automatically allocated to passengers aged 12 or under - provided the flight is not booked less than 24 hours prior to departure time. A meal/food provision is not provided for infants (0-2 yrs) - but we do offer facilities on board to warm baby food and milk.